Cub Scout Pack 108

Beech Grove, Indiana

Cub Scout Pack 108 is chartered by American Legion Post 276 in Beech Grove. Pack 108 draws primarily from within the Beech Grove city limits, although a few scouts are from outside this area. We serve boys entering first through fifth grade.

Interested in joining Scouts?

Pack 108 is always looking for new boys who want to experience the adventure and camaraderie that Scouting has to offer. While we focus or recruiting efforts at the beginning of the school year, boys can join at any time. Call 317-697-3700 or click "Contact Us" to the left to request more information on how to join Pack 108, or just come to one of our meetings (see the schedule below). The Pack meetings are for all boys. Tiger Den Meetings are for First Grade, Wolf for Second, Bear for Third, and Webelos for Fourth and Fifth. For an introduction to Scouting, go to the Boy Scouts of America Web Site and click the "Cub Scouts" tab at the top.

For an introduction to Pack 108, see our parent_scout_handbook.

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Camp Credit

If you sold popcorn this year, you are eligible for a credit of ten percent of your sales towards 2016 Day or Adventure camp. The Pack sold a lot of Popcorn this year, and has sufficient funds to subsidize camp costs out of the remaining 2015/2016 Pack Budget. This credit cannot be used for anything other than 2016 Camp fees.

Individual Credit Available:
  • Aiden B: $13
  • Sam B: $28
  • Kaydin E: $30
  • Cesar G: $23
  • Jalen G: $85
  • Taylor H: $28
  • Liam H: $317
  • Oscar J: $11
  • Landon K: $30
  • Ryker L: $20
  • Reagan S: $128
  • Ethan S: $6
  • Ben P: $67

Stolen Money Recovery

In October of 2015 the Pack Leadership discovered that a large amount of money was stolen between 2012 and 2015 from the Pack's funds by the former comittee chair. The Marion County Prosecutor's Office filed criminal charges, the individual pleaded guilty and paid restitution in an amount calculated by IMPD and the Prosecutor's office. While there is no way to go back and do all of the fun things we could have done with those funds at the time, the desire of the Pack Committee is to use the funds in a way which benefits the Scouts impacted at the time.

The Pack recovered the funds on April 8th, 2016, and held a Comittee meeting on April 10th to decide how to disperse the funds. The decision is as follows:

Scouts who were registered in the Pack during the 2012/2013, 2013/2014, or 2014/2015 program years and are still active with Pack 108 or a Boy Scout Troop as of April 2016 will receive one "share" for each year of the listed program years they were in the Pack. Each share is worth $100. Cub Scouts may use shares to pay for Day or Adventure camp in 2016, or receive their shares as gift cards to the Scout Shop. The Pack will be contacting these Scouts soon to determine if camp credit or a gift card is desired. Affected Scouts who have moved to Boy Scouts will have funds transferred to their Troop for deposit into their Scout Accounts. Children of the perpetrator of the theft are not eligible for shares. The remainder of the restitution money will be used for other Pack activities with a goal of maximizing the amount of fun that Scouts currently in the Pack experience.

Cub Scouts Shares Allocated:
  • Liam H : 1 Share
  • Riker L : 1 Share
  • Aiden K : 1 Share
  • Landon K : 1 Share
  • Charlie S : 1 Share
  • Oscar J : 2 Shares
  • Reagan S : 1 Share
  • Brody B : 1 Share
  • Aiden B : 1 Share
  • Ben P: 3 Shares
  • Hayden B : 3 Shares
  • Taylor H : 3 Shares
  • Hunter P : 3 Shares
Troop 108 Scout Shares Allocated:
  • Chase C, 2 Shares
  • Dylan K, 2 Shares
  • Ethan M, 2 Shares
  • Robert W, 3 Shares
  • Charlie H, 3 Shares
  • Linkin B, 3 Shares
Troop 1776 Scout Shares Allocated:
  • Quintin B, 3 Shares
  • Devon A, 3 Shares
  • Ethan M, 1 Share
  • Riley S, 1 Share
  • Jack B, 3 Shares

Upcoming Events:

  • Pack Meeting (All Scouts) will be Monday June 6 at Sarah Bolton Park at 6:30 PM. Scouts should wear pack T Shirt. This will be a Cookout. The Pack will provide burgers and hot dogs, buns, condiments, drinks, and plates. The Tiger Den should bring sides. The Wolf Den Should bring Deserts. The Bear Den should bring chips. The Webelos Den should bring sides. We will be at the shelter up by the dog park. Bring a ball or other fun outdoor toy if you like!

  • Tiger Den Meeting (1st Grade) will be Monday May 23 at Central Elementary at 6:30. We will be working on the "Tiger Tag" belt loop. Wear Your Uniform and bring your Scout Book.

  • Cub Scout Day Camp at camp Belzer will be Monday June 27th to July 1

    Registration Money is Due now. $165 minus any credits listed above. Leave from the Library each day at 7:40 (be there by 7:30). Return around 4:20 pm. Chaperones can swim, so bring your swimsuit if desired. Tag alongs can participate for $30 per day ($20 for under 5 years old). Health form is required, but doesn't require a physical. Bring:
    • Sunscreen
    • Water Bottle
    • SwimSuit and Towel
    • Small Amount of Money for Trading Post
    • Morning and Afternoon Snacks
    • Bug Spray
    • Lunch if you don't want to eat camp lunch
    • Poncho
    • Do not bring Electronics
    • Do not bring pocket knives

  • Service Project Morning, July 4. Pack 108 will continue its annual tradition of helping the Promoters' club clean up Sarah Bolton Park after the Fireworks.

  • Webelos Adventure Camp will be Wednesday July 6th to July 9

    Located near Anderson. Leave Wednesday Morning around 10:00 from the library. Return Saturday around Noon. Tents and Cots are provided. $175 per scout, $100 per adult (see above for popcorn and other credits). 3 meals a day are served in the dining hall. One night is family night. Your family can come for dinner and campfire if desired. Bring:
    • Bed Roll
    • Toiletries
    • Sunscreen
    • Bug Spray
    • SwimSuit and Towel
    • Shoes that are good for getting wet
    • Water Bottle
    • Trading post cash, $30 recommended
    • Money for Lunch on Wednesday
    • Full uniform for Flag Ceremonies and Dinner
    • Clothes for 3 days, including a pair of long pants and sleeves, extra socks, poncho.
    • Flashlight
    • A backpack
    • Do not bring electronics, cell phones, pocket knives or cook kits
    Snacks are allowed. They must be stored in the trailer. Medicine is dispensed by the Adults overseen by Camp Medical Staff. Give medicine to the Pack leadership at the Library on Wednesday.

  • Holliday World Campout Due to exceptional popcorn sales this year, the Pack will be going to Holiday World! We'll be camping out Friday July 15th and Saturday July 16th at Lincoln State Park (5 miles from Holiday World). Cost to attend is $15, and includes two tickets (One Scout and One Adult) to Holiday world on the 16th, camp fees, Saturday Breakfast and Dinner, and Sunday Breakfast. Additional people can attend at $50 per person. RSVP and fees are due by July 1.

Other Important Dates:

Pack 108 News:

  • Pack 108 did an overnight campout at Camp Belzer the weekend of May 21st, 2016. We cooked meals, did a nature hike, did crafts, and had lots of fun. 10 kids and 10 adults attended. The weather was beautiful with days in the 70s and overnight into the 50s. Thanks to all of the adult volunteers, but special thanks to Grant Sherfick who was in charge of shopping and meal preparation.

  • Pack 108 visited the Holcomb Observatory at Butler University on May 18th of 2016. We saw Indiana's biggest telescope, and learned about constellations in the Planetarium. As it turned out, our Butler Student guide to the Observatory was an Eagle Scout, Sedrick Weinschenk, who earned his Eagle in 2014 in Troop 99 in Greencastle

  • Various Photos from Pack 108's 2015-2016 Tiger Den. We visited the IMA, learned to change bike tires, learned to bake brownies, made leatherwork keychains, made bird houses, planted plants and lots more!

  • Blue And Gold Pack 108 held their Blue and Gold Banquet at the Hornet Park Community center. Pack 108 Scouts and their families, Mayor Buckley, ScottLynch from our charter org, American Legion Post 267, the Order of The Arrow Ceremony Team, and representatives from Troops 108 and 1776 were present. The Bear Den did a carnival while people were arriving. Awards were presented, and Jack Broadwell, Charles Hines, and Linkin Barger received their Arrow of Light awards and crossed over to their new Boy Scout Troops.

  • Monster Jam Pack 108 of Beech Grove Indiana attended Monster Jam 2016 at Lucas Oil Stadium. This year's successful popcorn sale meant that all registered Scouts were able to get a free ticket!

  • Hornet Park Patriot Parade Pack 108 Scouts Jalen, Kaydin, Cesar and Sam, and Pack 120 Scout Nicholas carried the colors at the front of Hornet Park's Patriot parade on January 29, 2016. CPT David Shanahan, US Army US-60M Blackhawk helicopter pilot with Operation Freedom's Sentinel and CPT Rebecca Gerard presented Hornet Park an American flag that flew from a Blackhawk over Afghanistan. Hornet Park students and their parents lined the halls of Hornet Park with hand-made American flags to show their Patriotism and appreciation for our soldiers.

  • Pack Swim Night, 2016 Beech Grove Pack 108 rented the Baxter YMCA pool to work on the Tiger Floats and Boats adventure, Wolf Spirit of the Water, Bear Salmon Run, and Webelos Aquanaut. We practiced Safe Swim Defense procedures, and let the boys practice for camp Swim Tests. Parents and siblings got to swim too.

  • Halloween party, 2015 Pack 108's Scouts dressed in their costumes for the Halloween Party. For the first time we Carved pumpkins. The kids also enjoyed a Halloween buffett.

  • NMLRA Scout Camporee, 2015 Pack 108's Webelos camped with Troop 108 at the National Muzzle Loader Rifle Association headquarters in Friendship, Indiana.

  • Cookout at Sarah T Bolton Park Pack 108 has a cookout for the August Pack event on August 3, 2016.

  • Service Project - Post Fireworks Park Cleanup Pack 108 joined the Beech Grove Promoters Club at 7 AM on Independence day to help clean up the park after the previous night's fireworks. This is the Pack's 3rd service project this year!

  • Webelos Adventure Camp, June 28 - July 1, 2015 Ben, Jack, Charlie, Taylor, Hunter, and Linkin attend Webelos Adventure Camp at Camp Kikthawenund in Frankton, IN. We camped for 3 nights and did Archery, Air Rifles, swimming, boating, wilderness survival, firebuilding, and more. The boys went on a 3 mile hike, learned a bunch of new songs, and completed the FireCrafter ranks of Webelos Camper and Firelight.

  • Summer Day Camp, June 25, 2015 More photos of Beech Grove Indiana Cub Scout Pack 108 at Belzer Day camp, from the week of Monday June 22nd, 2015.

  • Summer Day Camp, June 24, 2015 More photos of Beech Grove Indiana Cub Scout Pack 108 at Belzer Day camp, from the week of Monday June 22nd, 2015.

  • Summer Day Camp, June 24, 2015 Pack 108 goes to Belzer Day camp on Wednesday, June 24, 2015. They shot bb guns, did an obstacle course, went rafting, and did crafts.

  • May 2015 Pack Meeting Pack 108 of Beech Grove held its May Pack Meeting at Sarah Bolton Park. The boys received awards, and then learned how to Play Ultimate from two professional Ultimate players, Cameron Brock and Rick Gross, who came from the Indy Alleycats AUDL team, and former professional Ultimate coach Matt Broadwell.

  • April 2015 Pack Meeting Pack 108 met in Holy Name Catholic Church's Hartmann Hall for their April 2015 Pack meeting. We recognized those who earned awards, and then the Scouts had the opportunity to learn and practice either Chess or Marbles to earn a Belt Loop.

  • 2015 Pack 108 Pinewood Derby

  • March 2015 Pack Meeting Pack 108's scouts prepared a military care package for troops serving in Saudi Arabia. The pinewood car kits we send over will be used to run a pinewood derby there. The boys wrapped cars as presents, and created notes to go with them. We also played tug of war.

  • 2015 Blue And Gold Banquet Pack 108's Blue and Gold banquet featured a Webelos Crossover Ceremony with the Order of the Arrow, a Scout project fair, lots of awards, and a delicious dinner.

  • 2015 Pack Swim Pack 108 rented out the Baxter YMCA pool for the night so we could play games, earn awards, and have fun!

  • Tigers visit WRTV 6 Pack 108's Tiger Den visited WRTV 6 on a Go See to see how the evening news is produced.

  • Webelos Visit the APC Pack 108's Webelos Den visited Marion County's Arrestee Processing Center, which runs court every day and night of the week to process people who have been arrested, and hold initial hearings. The Scouts got to see a transport wagon, ask the Deputies questions, and have a discussion with a Judge, and a Prosecutor about what happens after a person is arrested, and the roles that each person plays in the justice process.

  • January 2015 Pack Meeting - Geography Pack 108 constructed a scale map of Beech Grove using Paper Towels as major roads. Each Towel represents 400 feet. The boys then drew their houses on lunch bags, and placed them in the right location. Finally, each boy got a Google Maps picture of a major Beech Grove Landmark, and put it in the proper place. With the map complete, the boys did a scavenger hunt of the landmarks. We also presented awards, and learned about maps, latitude and longitude, and other geography basics.

  • December 2014 Pack Meeting Pack 108 made candle holders at the December Pack Meeting, learned about respect of others and their traditions, received pinewood cars from Santa, and received their earned rewards.

  • Halloween Party The boys dressed up in their costumes, did crafts, ate donuts from a string, and enjoyed halloween snacks.

  • Fall Festival Parade Beech Grove Cub Scout Pack 108 walks in the Beech Grove Fall Festival Parade.

  • Pack Hike Beech Grove Cub Scout Pack 108 goes for a hike at Eagle Creek Park in July 2014 as a Summer activity.

  • Webelos Adventure Camp Pack 108's Webelos go to Webelos Adventure Camp at Camp Kikthawenund for a 4 day, 3 night stay. Robert, Matthew, Quinten, Jack, Nathan and Devon did archery, pellet gun shooting, swimming, boating, camping, singing, science, and lots of other fun stuff.

  • Cub Scout Day Camp, Day 3-5 Pack 108 attends Cub Scout Day Camp at Camp Belzer (Wednesday-Thursday-Friday).

  • Cub Scout Day Camp, Day 2 Pack 108 attends Cub Scout Day Camp at Camp Belzer (TUESDAY).

  • Cub Scout Day Camp, Day 1 Pack 108 attends Cub Scout Day Camp at Camp Belzer.

  • 2014 Spring Pack Campout Pack 108 goes on a Pack-organized campout to camp Belzer. We played games, did a nature hike, made sit-upons, did meal preparations, and had a campfire.

  • April Pack Meeting - Kickball Pack 108 gathered at Sara Bolton Park in Beech Grove for a Pack Meeting and Kickball game.

  • Spring 2014 Den Meetings Pictures from the 2014 Pack 108 Den Meetings for the Wolf, Bear, and Webelos Dens. The Boys learned about art, tools, cooking, and crime prevention. Thank you to our special visitors, Art Teacher Mrs. Sutton, and Beech Grove officers Bragg and Dalton.

  • March 22, 2014 Pinewood Derby Pack 108 gathered on March 22nd, 2014 at Holy Name Catholic Church in Beech Grove to run the Pinewood Derby. Champions were crowned by den, the Pack voted on the coolest design, and a Single Elimination Tournament determined the fastest car in the Pack. Adults, siblings, and visitors even got to compete in the Open category.

  • March 11, 2014 Pack Meeting Beech Grove Animal Control Officer Steve Durbin and Chief Mark Swartz talked to the boys about being an Animal Control Officer, responsible pet ownership and what to do if they encounter a loose or stray animal.

  • February 23, 2014 Indiana State Museum The Webelos I Den visited the State Museum to see a Geology show, and earned their Geology Activity Pin.

  • February 9, 2014 Blue and Gold Pack 108 celebrated the birthday of Scouting with the Blue and Gold Banquet. Our Webelos II's crossed over into Boy Scouting, and 182 individual items were awarded.

  • February 8, 2014 Indiana Ice Game Pack 108 attended the Indiana Ice game as part of Circuit of Fun and saw the Ice defeat the Phantoms. The boys got a chance to see a rare short-handed goal by the Ice.

  • January 25, 2014 Monster Jam Pack 108 visits Monster Jam at Lucas Oil Stadium.

  • January 14, 2014 Pack Swim. Pack 108 reserved the Baxter YMCA Pool on a Saturday night so that we could work on requirements for Belt Loops, Sports Pins, and Webelos pins, and generally have fun.

  • December 17, 2013 Christmas Party and Pack Meeting The Boys play games, receive awards, get Pinewood Cars from Santa Claus, and have a Christmas Party.

  • November 22, 2013 Circuit of Fun Pacers Game Pack 108 goes to the Pacers Game as part of Circuit of Fun.

  • November 12, 2013 November Pack Meeting Jacob from Camp Belzer came and talked to the Scouts and Parents about Cub Scout Day Camp.

  • Fall, 2013 Various Den Meetings We have a lot of den meetings. And sometimes we take pictures at those meetings!

  • November 3, 2013 Service Project at the library After a very windy storm swept Beech Grove, Pac, 108 went ot the library to clean up debris from the grounds.

  • October 29, 2013 Halloween Party The Pack's annual halloween party.

  • October 10, 2013 Cub Scout Fun Day Various Scouts from Pack 108 attended Cub Scout Fun Day at the Speedway, and sent us pictures.

  • October 8, 2013 Pack meeting Pack 108's October 2013 Pack meeting. Bobcat was awarded to three boys, and all those attending earned the Marbles Belt Loop.

  • September 21st, 2013 Super Popcorn Saturday Pack 108 sold popcorn for 4 shifts at 4 different stores. We sold $2650 worth of popcorn, and got $327.11 in donations. After each shift the boys returned to Matt's House for hot dogs and games.

  • September 14th, 2013 Fall Festival Parade. Pack 108 marched in the 2013 Beech Grove Fall Festival Parade on Main Street. 17 scouts threw over 1200 pieces of candy!

  • September 10th, 2013 Pack Meeting. The Pack Presented awards from summer camp, introduced the Scouts to one another, prepared for our annual Popcorn sale, and played games.

  • August 28th, 2013 Tiger Den Meeting.The Tigers got their books, worked on the Cub Scout Motto, Sign, and Handshake, and Played Frizbee.

  • August 13th, 2013 Sign Up Night. We kicked off the 2013/2014 year with a Sign-Up party. Parents filled out paperwork while the boys played games, ate snacks, and tried out the Pinewood Derby track. We signed up 28 new boys, and renewed a bunch more.

  • Pictures and events prior to August of 2013 have been moved to the Old News page. Check it out here!